Yosemite and NorCal


The weather cleared up, I did more exploring, and Yosemite was amazing- probably my favorite place I’ve been. I actually really enjoyed hiking up a moderately difficult trail to Yosemite Falls. I got a lot of great photographs. The one above was taken by Joey. We had a campsite right on the Merced River.

We had to stop in San Francisco for Joey to pick up supplies. Now we are north of Fort Bragg, on the coast. Yesterday we saw seals and tide pools. I really like the darker sand and the lighter ocean, as compared to SoCal and most every other beach I’ve seen.

Anyway, I just thought I’d drop a quick note.

Arriving in Manteca, CA

We have moved further north to Manteca, California. It’s between Modesto and Stockton. About an hour east of Oakland. Last week we stayed in Paicines and briefly at Morgan Hill. Joey and I also visited friends in Santa Cruz. We went to a karaoke night at a bowling alley, on a Tuesday. I got wasted and did lots of karaoke. I never want to drink again.

Here are some photos of our cats in the cuties box.

I guess WordPress lets you put stuff in circles now.

I am tired of winter. I always thought it was the snow that got me down. No. It’s the short days and lack of sunlight, even here. I’m really ready to move on from California for a while, but I’ve got a reading in San Francisco on the 22nd. After the SF reading, we’ll be headed back to Southern California, where I’ve got a writers’ conference in March/April. I’m looking forward to both these things. But I’m really looking forward to checking out Oregon this spring-summer.

Oh hey, if you live in San Francisco you should come see me read!

Oh and I’ve started playing this…Sigh.


Oh, and today at Morgan Hill we found a pork chop in the sewer at the dump station.


The end.


California at last

Currently camping/staying in: Morgan Hill, Paicines, soon San Francisco…it’s complicated. But we are in California! Yes.

I started writing this entry as a reflection on my life since I’ve been with Joey. We realized early in our relationship that we wanted to move out west. So did his son, Drew. I wanted to give you a sense of what we had to get away from in Syracuse…but I’m realizing that would take another whole book on my part. Suffice to say, Syracuse was slowly killing us for multiple reasons. We had our best friend and family-by-choice, Erica. And while that was huge…we still had to leave. The original plan was to get to California. The idea for the RV came later (though it had been a longtime dream of Joey’s, one that he had almost actualized in his previous marriage).

And so, here we finally are, in California. I suppose I could say “back in California.” I spent a lot of my childhood school breaks in San Diego, because my dad traveled for work. I also lived out here a few years ago, on my own (see my most recent book, Show Trans). But for the most part I’ve been an upstate New Yorker all my life. We travelled from coast to coast. Within a week I swam in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. It’s pretty mind boggling.

There’s an Instagram feed on the side of my blog now, if you want to see pictures. I’m finding that’s way less hassle then trying to insert them in these text entries.

Since I’m not going to reflect on how we got here– not at this time– I am going to focus on the here and now, and just what that is. Well, first actually, I will give a brief list of what has occurred the past week or so. We traveled to Jerome, AZ one evening, briefly: an artist colony in the hills. We stayed at a Cracker Barrel en route. We spent one night off of Ventura Highway, waking up to an empty beach on a weekday for sunrise. That was amazing. That’s when it all really hit me that I am here and this is life.

There has been a lot of low times. A lot of stress. I still feel depressed, often. This has been hard work. It is not a full-time vacation. And we are not rich, or even really secure yet…

But the cats seem happy. Drew has wi-fi. I’m in California. Joey’s about to have surgery in San Francisco on the 20th, which is both stressful as hell but going to be so good for him in the long run and make his life easier.

And I’m sippin’ coffee and vaping in my camp chair, putting off a little longer my plans to make today productive if possible. It’s 9 am here, and skies are blue and the air is perfect. Yep. This is the life for me.