About Elliott

Elliott DeLine (born 1988) is a writer from Syracuse, NY. He is the author of the novel Refuse, the novella I Know Very Well How I Got My Name, Show Trans: A Nonfiction Novel, and No Poster Boy: Trans Fag Essays. In June 2021 he released his first poetry chapbook, Lessons Learned from Chickens. His essays and excerpts have been featured in The New York Times, The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard, Original Plumbing Magazine and The Advocate. He currently lives in upstate, NY.


Hi, I’m Elliott. I love my partner, my family, my pet angora rabbits, cats, and chickens. Interests include animals, poetry, writing, nature, art, gardening, succulents/other plants, yoga, mindfulness, music, guitar, reading, history, psychology, fashion, and drawing.

Some other things you might be interested to know about me. I was born in Syracuse, New York. I have lived in Syracuse, Purchase, NY, Santa Cruz, CA, Ithaca, NY, and my current home. I also took a 9 month trip across the U.S. with my partner and his son. Further back in this blog you’ll see stories of that.

I’m an AFAB (assigned female at birth) nonbinary/transgender person and I’m very neuroatypical. I live in rural Upstate New York. I’m a visual artist and a musician, and I will post some of my work on this site soon. I mostly make colorful marker drawings, clay pots, and low-fi acoustic folk songs. I write, and I published a few books in the past.

That’s all I can think to say for now. Hope you enjoy my site, don’t hesitate to ask a question or say hello!