Newest Novel Updates

Hi all! I have several updates to share with you on my upcoming novel.

A title has been chosen: The Stars Below

A release date has been chosen: January 1st, 2023–Ebook. Paperback: TBA.

First publication will be on, where you can read and also comment!


“What manner of creature are we, Dean, to look down upon the stars?” Dean, an anxious young trans man, moves to an old farm house in the country to write his novel. 

Something isn’t quite right about his landlord, Christen, a middle-aged, sexually charged woman who gives him free ketamine and marijuana. And then there is Sam15, the secretive androgynous boarder whom he befriends, Jesse, a cowboy of sorts with whom be begins a romance, and Ruthie, a troubled little girl who seeks out his help. They all seem strange, even as he gets to know them. When a mysterious man named Sam appears one night on the dock of the lake under the stars, Dean learns that all of these people are actually one: a shapeshifter with multiple personalities. 

Dean begins a passionate sub/Dom relationship with Sam, who is also a demon. But nothing seems to please Dean, as he plunges deeper into addiction and repeatedly hurts the ones who love him. When it all starts to fall apart, Dean must do what scares him most: ask for help from the outside world. But then comes the question, what was real and what was the drugs?

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