Mental health post pt 2. and life in Ithaca

I had a talk with a new acquaintance last night that relates to my previous post. He said something like, all mental health diagnosis’s are ways of psychiatrists communicating and prescribing, but that barely anyone fits a mold perfectly. I think this is true. It’s funny though, because the one thing I feel would be a useful diagnosis is autism, and I have no clue how you get that. No one in the mental health field that I’ve encountered knows anything about it in adults. I am usually told I am wrong. I was told this recently.

I’ve been thinking lately, with all the thought I put into well….thought, maybe I should go into the mental health field in some way. I can’t see it being a traditional way. And it will be a while before I think I’m ready. But maybe in the future I’ll have more ambition.

I realized at my writer’s group that I am very good at listening to people’s problems and giving them a thoughtful reflection. When people talk about trauma, I’m actually pretty calm about it compared to most people, and I don’t just avoid it. I think I’m good at validating people.

Today I went to the gym. I didn’t pack. I haven’t been lately. I was for almost an entire year, then one day recently I just stopped. I haven’t felt the need to, even at the the gym.

I walk a ton. I don’t have a car, and Joey is at work all day. I’ve pretty much walked all over Ithaca for appointments. A few times I have attempted having a night life. This is something I have never done without alcohol. I went to a dance party and I actually danced a little. I found it easiest if I closed my eyes.