Arriving in Manteca, CA

We have moved further north to Manteca, California. It’s between Modesto and Stockton. About an hour east of Oakland. Last week we stayed in Paicines and briefly at Morgan Hill. Joey and I also visited friends in Santa Cruz. We went to a karaoke night at a bowling alley, on a Tuesday. I got wasted and did lots of karaoke. I never want to drink again.

Here are some photos of our cats in the cuties box.

I guess WordPress lets you put stuff in circles now.

I am tired of winter. I always thought it was the snow that got me down. No. It’s the short days and lack of sunlight, even here. I’m really ready to move on from California for a while, but I’ve got a reading in San Francisco on the 22nd. After the SF reading, we’ll be headed back to Southern California, where I’ve got a writers’ conference in March/April. I’m looking forward to both these things. But I’m really looking forward to checking out Oregon this spring-summer.

Oh hey, if you live in San Francisco you should come see me read!

Oh and I’ve started playing this…Sigh.


Oh, and today at Morgan Hill we found a pork chop in the sewer at the dump station.


The end.