Springfield, MA

Where they do transgender surgeries. Note the phallus atop.

Springfield, Massachusetts is dull. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it’s dull. We saw the plastic surgeon today about Joey’s chest surgery. That went pretty well, though it was less than pleasant for Joey. The office was located next to this old, rundown factory/warehouse. I was like, “That’s where they do the surgeries.” I am a very comforting boyfriend, and also hilarious.

The weather was god-awful on the drive here, with snow and ice. And did you know that on the radio here, they not only bleep out “ho” but the entirety of “if you dance on a pole, that don’t’ make you a ho,” in Usher’s “I Don’t Mind?” Like, it goes, “Shorty I don’t mind….. …. ….???” It’s pretty weird. In Syracuse they just bleep out “ho.”

There is a cheap print of painting in the living area where we are staying. It depicts a gate, opening to a garden. The same picture is over our bed in the bedroom. Why? Why two of the same shitty picture?


We got yelled at by a security guard because we tried to go in to Price Rite at 9 PM when they were closing. We still got our milk. He was just really angry about it.

“Lake view”

The Jacuzzi in the room is sweet. Our room is pretty plain otherwise, but enough. There’s also a balcony that overlooks the “lake,” which is actually a small pond that’s frozen and covered in snow.

Yep. Dull. I promise these posts will get better… Tomorrow, Worcester and Boston. I have a book reading, and I think we might check out dinosaur bones at a museum or something.

Also I am baffled by this sign: